Sustainability -HSE

Gulfships Ltd believes in achieving profitability in a way that is consistent with fundamental ethical values, and with respect for individuals, the environment and society. The company is committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance, health and safety, as well as conducting the business ethically.The interaction between values and strategy is essential to obtain the overall objectives of the company. One of our three strategic pillars is Health, Safety and Environment, (HSE). To support the organisation on a daily basis there is a HSE Policy, a Code of Conduct and guidelines in issues where further guidance is required. The management systems and action plans ensure that the company works systematically with critical sustainability issues.

Core values
Gulfships operations is carried out in accordance with our core values reflecting who we are today and who we want to be in the future:
-Entrepreneurial Spirit
-Innovative Focus and Customer Orientation


Quality Assurance
whether it's about engineering projects / procurement or offshore services , quality is our main focus. By doing so, we consistently deliver high quality products and services at a very competitive rate.
Our flexibility enables us to customize your order to meet your specific needs. As we monitor our prices, we also monitor quality assurance.

Health, Safety and Environment

One of our strategic pillars;

Gulfships has three strategic pillars where the first is Health, Safety and Environment.
- We will provide safe and healthy work-places for all our employees, with the long-term goal of
avoiding all injuries, incidents and occupational ill health
-We constantly seek to limit the environmental impact of our operations and improve resource
-We use our innovation and technical resources to find mutually beneficial solutions with our
customers that meet environmental targets.