Our Profile

From humble beginnings, Gulfships has believed that people are its greatest asset. Captioned by a dynamic and forward-thinking management, the talented and highly committed staff work with a common purpose: to excel in their designated responsibilities. This united focus has given the company the cutting edge and fast growing maritime/marine support company.

In its quest for perfection, Gulfships lays special emphasis on enhancing the knowledge and proficiency of its people through rigorous training programs. This exposes them to new concepts and ideas which helps provide a higher standard of service to customers.

Gulfships recognise the fact that innovation and technology are the keys to successful and cost-effective transactions. To this end, computerised systems are continually upgraded. Highly sophisticated software has been successfully designed to help reduce time and labour.

As a registered limited liability company in Nigeria and also prospective member of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA) and the International Marine Purchase Association (IMPA), Gulfships is in a position to speed up procedures by using their global code purchase systems.

With typical foresight, the Company has embraced information technology as a means to provide cost effective and efficient service to its customers including access to electronic trading using internet technology. Its top of the line integrated software is designed to offer electronic trading as a standard of business in the marine/maritime industry.

Gulfships has right from its inception steered a course to proactively pursue technology, tools and competence to provide cost-effective and seamless solutions to its customers. Its spare parts and equipments division have played an important role in helping ship owners and/or their Managers in their effort to reduce cost and secure a profitable operation in a sustained manner.

We acknowledge that financial consequence of equipment downtime is high, and additional uncertainties are prompting the industry to look for more definite assurance of product safety and reliability. Based on the awareness of system criticality, we are programmed to protect and prolong owners investment on plants and machinery's by supplying quality parts at competitive prices. To us, that means making it right the first time, each time

Our Mission
Our mission is to become a reference point in engineering / procurement / offshore energy solutions provider using the latest technology and adequately trained professionals, while still remaining a socially responsible organization

Our Vision
To make Gulfships the preferred leader in engineering / procurement / offshore services through corporate culture and ethical business practices